6 Benefits Of Housecleaning Services For Seniors

A senior’s home is often a major source of pride, yet older adults sometimes face challenges that interfere with their ability to keep their house clean. Whether your senior loved one faces health issues or just needs some help around the house, professional cleanings provide a wealth of benefits for their well-being. 1. Eliminate Fall Hazards Senior adults are at a greater risk for fall-related injuries that occur in their house, and housecleaning often involves risky activities, such as walking on wet floors and climbing ladders. Professional house cleaners can perform the chores that would otherwise place seniors at risk for falls. A clean house also prevents falls by eliminating other common hazards. For instance, a senior is less likely to fall in the bathtub or shower if it is free of slippery substances, like soap scum or mildew. 2. Reduce Allergens Household allergens include pet dander, dust, pollen, and mold spores, which quickly build up if a senior is unable to clean regularly. Seniors who suffer from allergies can also request special cleaning services to hit the high spots in their house that collect dust, such as the ceiling fans and window coverings. If your senior loved one suffers from allergies, make sure to mention this when you arrange for professional housekeeping services so that the cleaners can take special care to protect their health. For instance, special vacuum filters and cleaning products can reduce airborne allergies during the cleaning process. 3. Prevent Illnesses Kitchens and bathrooms are hot spots for germs such as salmonella and E. coli, which must be removed to prevent serious illness. Professional cleaners know the areas to focus on for germ removal, such as the cabinet knobs in the kitchen, so that seniors can reduce the risk of illnesses being transferred in their home. A germ-free living environment is especially important for seniors who have compromised immune systems or those who are healing from a recent surgery. For instance, seniors with a surgical wound site need a clean place to bathe to prevent infections. 4. Accommodate Mobility Challenges A senior who always kept a clean home and suddenly stops may have a valid reason for the sudden increase in clutter. Unfortunately, mobility challenges make it harder for seniors to perform tasks such as bending over to scrub a bathtub or carrying a heavy vacuum upstairs. Housekeeping services can be selected to fit a senior’s needs. For instance, a senior who loves to organize their cabinets can continue to do so while someone else handles the more challenging household chores. 5. Encourage Socialization During the senior years, isolation is a serious concern for older adults who live alone. Unfortunately, a senior who is not able to keep up with their housekeeping may begin to avoid inviting people over to visit. With regular housekeeping assistance, seniors always know that their house is company ready.Seniors also enjoy the opportunity to see someone on a regular basis. Although cleaning crews are busy performing tasks such as cleaning windowsills, they still offer a cheery smile and conversation that lifts an older adult’s spirits. 6. Free Up Time for Hobbies Today’s active senior may feel as though their housekeeping tasks keep them from making the most out of their retirement years. Whether your senior loved one enjoys gardening, traveling, or another activity, scheduling a professional cleaning lets them choose how they want to spend their time. At Spring Fresh Cleaning Service, we provide recurring services that help seniors stay healthy and get the most out of their golden years. Give us a call to schedule your loved one’s housekeeping services today.

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The Gift Of Professional Cleaning

A clean home doesn’t just happen. It takes work. But the many benefits that cleaning brings make this often irritating activity well worth it. Regular cleaning can remove respiratory-issue triggers; reduce trip, slip, and fall dangers; and create a tranquil environment that helps to slash stress from your life. Even though many homeowners work towards having a perfectly pristine home, they also welcome help with everything from everyday chores to deep cleaning. If your family member or loved one struggles to stay on top of their housekeeping duties, gifting them with a selection of cleaning services is a present that they will appreciate. While magically transforming yourself into the fairy godmother (or godfather) of home cleaning isn’t always a reasonable expectation, you can hire a pro. What type of events, milestones, and celebrations deserve the gracious gift of housekeeping services? Take a look some of the best reasons for hiring a cleaning service for someone other than yourself. New Baby Gift What should you gift your new mama or daddy friend for the birth of their beautiful baby? You could give them yet another onesie or a plush stuffed animal that will only end up in sitting in a cavernous closet of toys. Instead of adding to the gargantuan gear list that your friend has going on, gift them a clean home. Between diaper changes, frantic feedings, and everything else that comes with caring for a newborn, your friend or family member likely won’t have the time to sweep, dust, vacuum, or even make the beds. And what about scrubbing baseboards, wiping off walls, and all the other deeper cleaning issues that are going undone? Enter a professional cleaning service. Whether it’s a one-time deal or you’re hiring an expert to clean the new parents’ home every week, this is a gift that is both greatly appreciated and greatly needed right now. Grad Gift The college graduate is ready to start their new life. They’re a real adult now and have a real adult job. And that means having a real adult home. Even though that should include a neat, tidy, and debris-free space, chances are that the brand-new graduate is still living like a college coed. Graduating from college is a major life transition. With that in mind, it deserves a super-sized celebration. Help keep your new grad’s life, and home, in order with a cleaning service gift. This service gives them a fresh space and a fresh start in their new grown-up life. Anniversary Gift Your spouse deserves all the appreciation in the world. Whether they work full time, care for the kids, or spend hours upon hours volunteering for a good cause, they still manage to carve out the time to keep your home clean. As exhaustion sets in at the end of the day, your spouse is on the floor scrubbing toothpaste off the tile and reaching high to dust the top shelf of the china cabinet. And you totally appreciate absolutely everything your love does. Show your significant other just how much you value what they do every day by giving them a break. You could buy a blender, a bauble, or go with a gift card for your special anniversary celebration. Or you could give your spouse something they really need — a break from the daily grind of cleaning. Housewarming Gift Unless your family member or friend just bought a brand-new construction, their new home comes with something that they didn’t pay for — the previous owner’s leftover mess. A professional cleaning service is a gift that welcomes your friend home and gives them a greater sense of comfort. Instead of having to spend their move-in day scrubbing, mopping, and wiping everything down, the pros can complete a pre-move deep cleaning for them. Do you need a professional cleaning service? Contact Spring Fresh Cleaning Service for more information.

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Cleaning After Your Summertime Party: What You Need to Know

It’s grilling season, and the shining summer sun provides the perfect backdrop for your family’s next backyard bash. You spend days (or weeks) planning for the party, putting together the best barbeque menu possible, creating cute e-invitations, and organizing all kinds of activities for the kids. On the day of the party, everything goes off without a hitch. Your guests are more than impressed with your party-planning prowess, and you couldn’t be happier. That is, until you take a look around your home. The post-party glow is likely to slowly fade as you notice the mess that’s left behind. If you’re throwing a summer backyard (or in-home) party, take a look at why you need a professional cleaning team to help you handle the aftermath. Reduce Workload Party planning isn’t always easy. There are multiple moving parts, and you’re in charge of orchestrating everything. If you’ve done more than your fair share of work getting ready for your summertime bash, it’s perfectly okay to let someone else shoulder the load when it comes to the post-party cleanup. Give yourself a break, and let the pros take care of getting your home back to its pre-celebration shape. Remove Germs How many guests just walked through your home? The more people who come into your house, the more microorganisms they bring. Even if your guests don’t seem sick, that doesn’t mean they aren’t carrying potentially harmful viruses and bacteria. A professional deep cleaning will get to the pests (bacteria and viruses) that your guests have tracked into your home or left on your patio furniture. Beyond what your guests bring into your home, some of the party items may be bacteria-breeders. If your summer party includes a backyard barbeque, raw meat can contaminate the area. Whether you accidentally set uncooked hamburgers on the counter or the grill master touched a raw rack of ribs and then touched your patio table, food-borne bacteria is likely present in and around your home. A deep clean by a professional company can reduce the risk of illness caused by this type of issue. Clean the Floors Even though the majority of your party is outdoors, the guests will still need to come inside to use the restroom or to cool down. That means they’re tracking the dirt, debris, and anything else that’s on their feet into your home’s interior. While placing absorbent door mats near all of the entry points is one way to reduce the likelihood that your floors will end up covered in muck or mud, it won’t completely solve the problem. To get your floors truly clean, you’ll need some extra help. If that doesn’t include your family on their hands and knees scrubbing the tile, a professional can help you to make sure that your floors are clean and pristine. Freshen Up Sometimes a party isn’t an all-out bash. Your low-key backyard family picnic may have only created a minimal amount of dirt or debris. Even though the cleanup isn’t epic, it’s still not something that you feel like doing after playing host or hostess all night long. A professional cleaning service can come into your home and freshen it up after the party is over. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to pay for a deep or extensive clean. If your home looks acceptable but you’d like to have it lightly cleaned, the pros can do that for you. This means vacuuming, mopping floors, and cleaning the stray fingerprints that may have accumulated on your walls. Do you need a cleaning service to restore your post-party home to its pre-celebration glow? Contact Spring Fresh Cleaning Service for more information.

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Give the New Mom in Your Life the Gift of a Clean House

Your soon-to-be mommy friend is about to give birth, and you’re looking fora baby shower gift that she’ll totally appreciate. What can you get the new mother to celebrate her new life? You could give her the same thing that everyone else is – a three-tiered diaper cake and a package of onesies. Or you could give her something that she really needs. The last few weeks of pregnancy aren’t the easiest time of a woman’s life. Her growing belly makes it hard to move, she has back aches, and standing on her feet for any length of time is exhausting. Physically, she won’t feel much better after the birth. Add on the time that she’ll want to spend with her baby, and you can easily see why cleaning the house takes a backseat to just about everything else. The gift of a cleaning service isn’t something that your mom-to-befriend will expect. But it’s something that she’ll appreciate. If you’reconsidering this service as a shower gift, take a look at the benefits it brings to a family who is about to have a new baby. Time-SaverThere are two options for an expectant mother who is gifted a cleaning service for her shower gift. She can use it during the last month of her pregnancy as a way to get her home ready for baby. The other option is to use the service after the birth. Either choice provides plenty of time-saving benefits. Getting ready for the birth of a baby requires a serious time commitment. She has a nursery to put together, clothes to wash, a birth plan to create, doctor’s appointments to go to, birth announcements to buy, and so much more. Cleaning the house may be last on the expectant mommy’s to-do list. Even though she doesn’t have time to clean during those last few weeks, skipping household chores only puts her further behind when baby finally gets here. Following the birth, it’s likely that the new mom won’t have time to clean either. This adjustment period is filled with joys,  triumphs, challenges, and sleepless nights. Between bonding with baby, constant feedings, and everything else that comes with being a new mommy, cleaning won’t be priority number one. Instead of spending time scrubbing floors or dusting cabinets, a cleaning service frees the expectant or new mom up to do more for her baby. Physical IssuesScrubbing the tub isn’t exactly easy when your belly has grown far enough out that you can no longer see your toes. Whether the expectant mama can’t move comfortably to clean or she’s just worn-out, the gift of someone else to bend and stretch will be appreciated. Likewise, after giving birth some mothers experience in tense or lingering physical pain that can prevent them from completing normal daily activities (such as cleaning). Along with pain, aches, or discomfort, the new mother may have doctor-ordered restrictions when it comes to how much they can move and what types of movements they engage in. Cleaning help can take some of the physical pressure off the expectant or new mom, making her pregnancy, delivery, and recovery easier. Stress RelieverA messy house isn’t a relaxed environment. The clutter, the dust, and the general mess may stress your friend out. Whether she’s almost ready to give birth or she just had her baby, she doesn’t need extra stress right now. Hiring a cleaning service to remove the clutter, freshen her home, and make it shine can help to decrease her anxiety level and provide a sense of calm. Do you need to find a professional cleaning company who can provide services for your pregnant or newly parenting friend? Contact Spring Fresh Cleaning Service for more information.

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