We’re Spring Fresh Cleaning Service.

Cleaning is our bread and butter. It's in our blood. Goo has got to go. Scents are made to be pleasant. We don't abide peanut butter and jelly on the walls, discolored bathroom grout or "stuff" growing in the china cabinet. We think dirt and fungi belong in the garden, not on your kitchen floor. We’re obsessed with sparkling shower fixtures, gleaming toilet bowls and odorless ovens. We mop floors, scrub walls and disinfect counter tops. We wipe it up, we wipe it down and we do it all, on time, every time.

We’re bonded, insured, hard-working, dependable and honest. With a staff that’s been with us for years.

We’d love to show you that there’s clean. Then there’s Spring Fresh clean.

You don't need a maid. You need a hired ferm killer.
$30 Off   $30 Off

Cleaning Tip

Never put a damp or slightly damp or even just a smidgen damp pillow back into a pillowcase. Damp almost always attracts mildew.

Call Today: 775-359-5534

Call us at 775-359-5534 for a free appraisal. And find out the difference between clean and Spring Fresh clean.

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